Hi, I'm Matthew Eng


Growing up in Minnesota, I've come to believe that the people and places of this region are worth highlighting. Horizon Edge Media is a startup built from the ground up to do just that. Horizon Edge Media is based out of Rochester, Minnesota and is a multi-platform video production business.
Your life's moments and hard work have value, and are worth capturing which is why it's critical to create the best media to showcase it.
In an accelerating landscape of digital media, it takes high value cinematography and storytelling to stand out.


The Toolbox​​​​​​​
Photo of me filming with a GH5
Panasonic GH5 - A 4K powerhouse, dynamic enough for every situation
Leica f1.8-4.0 12-60mm Lens - Built for getting high quality video, from close ups to landscapes
DJI Phantom 3 4K - A 4K resolution
Takama Tripod - Does what tripods do
GTX 1070ti - The Graphics muscle used to edit and create 4K video content
The Heart of the Operation - The Core i7 7700k is my CPU used to edit heavy project loads
Panasonic G7- An excellent 4K B-Camera
FAA Drone License- Essential in legally producing drone media
Adobe Premiere Pro - The workhorse of video editing
Adobe After Effects - Used for special work on graphic elements
Adobe Lightroom - Reshaping the color profile of images and videos
Adobe Photoshop - For touching up and reforming photos